Welcome to Mandeville Vineyards

Introducing Larry Gilman


I am the hands-on owner and farmer of MANDEVILLE VINEYARDS. I had a vision for the vineyard when I was up the impassible, and almost impossible to get up hill, behind our house.

I am an actor and director, and have won awards for directing THE ZOO STORY,  with Woody Harrelson.

I have performed and directed in NY, LA, and have been on Broadway, Off Broadway, , regional theater, television and movies.

I lead workshops on Self Expression, Creativity, Leadership, Out Of The Box Thinking, Authenticity, Discovering Your True Self, Corporate Presentation, How To Message Your Message For The Media, Best Practices Delivering Presentations,

I have a passion for life and to be in my life, rather than watching it. 

With no guarantee of success to follow my passion,  We will make the best wine, with the most hands-on, and the best grapes, that the climate and soil will allow me. I hope you enjoy this journey with me and us.  


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